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ANE Electrical Solutions

Business name: A.N.E Electrical Solutions
Business type: Sydney’s specialist in smart home installations
Business location: Rose Bay North
Website: www.ane.net.au
Phone: 0410 482 542

Client Testimonial

Little Marketing assisted in creating a competitive point of difference for my brand as well as good foundation of which to communicate. Michael's ability to break down key areas of my business was unbelievable, made me realise what I was missing out on to get the message through to clients and delivering the right message through easy to understand methods which leave the client comfortable with the end product. On behalf of ANE Electrical Solutions I would like to thank Little Marketing for their help and very happy to recommend them to anyone else in the future.
Joseph Simeone - Director, ANE Electrical Solutions

Strategic Objective

The objective for A.N.E Electrical Solutions was to communicate their services in a more simplified manner because what they do is very technical and very in-depth to communicate easily and effectively. Ultimately, A.N.E Electrical Solutions needed material to communicate from a client's perspective.

What did we do?

Little Marketing ran a marketing strategy session to create a brand positioning. The purpose of this was to get a clearer picture of what A.N.E Electrical Solutions is all about.

Through the session Little Marketing was able to consult and recommend the best way to communicate their message and services through different avenues.

Little Marketing also helped create a positioning in the market place to make A.N.E Electrical Solutions stand apart.


From the startegy session Little Marketing was able to help position A.N.E Electrical Solutions as Sydney's specialist in smart home installation. Through this positioning it is easier to communicate their message to their clients and give them a competitive edge.

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