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GJ Financial Services

Business name: GJ Financial Services
Business type: Financial planners and financial management
Business location: Sutherland
Website: www.gjfinancial.com.au 
Phone: (02) 8539 7999

Client Testimonial

The session with Little Marketing made me think seriously about what our focus is in regard to our business marketing. It made me realise that we need to develop a sharper, more client needs directed approach. We will be changing how we operate as a result of this session!
Bruce Gale - Partner, GJ Financial

Strategic Objective

To communicate our services to a number of different demographic groups so as to create a larger portfolio of clients and provide a more tailored level of service.

What did we do?

Little Marketing required a full day with the three key stakeholders of GJ. Little Marketing facilitated a strategy session to clearly define what the GJ brand stood for in the marketplace and how to communicate that in an easier way. Topics such as core services, key staff, competition, client profiles and income streams were discussed.

Over the day it was established that given the large amount of services that GJ provided, the GJ brand would be split into three sub-brands so as to allow the now three core services to market themselves individually given their three distinct target audiences. Additionally, the three key stakeholders could verbally communicate their focus to their current and potential clients.

With three core services as part of their offering, it created an opportunity to communicate to three separate audiences in a defined, focused and strategic manner. The audience base of retirees, young professionals and families each require a varying array of services.

With the new focus, each brand can communicate its specialty in a more relevant, effective and efficient manner.


The main outcome of the strategy session was the creation of three brands for GJ. As a result of this breakdown of brands and refocus, the three key stakeholders have had the independence required to grow their independent client portfolio.

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