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Infinet Network Solutions

Business name: Infinet Network Solutions
Business type: The IT Specialists for SME'S
Business location: North Sydney
Website: www.infinet.com.au
Phone: 1300 558 393

Strategic Objective

Infinet Network Solutions main objective was to find a simplified way to communicate their extensive services. They wanted to also create further awareness of their business and generate higher revenue.

What did we do?

Little Marketing held a strategy session to get a better grasp of what Infinet Network Solutions is about. Through the session Little Marketing were able to position the business in a different way that made them recieve a competitive edge.

With ongoing consultation Infinet Network Solutions continue to grow their clientele through clear communication through the appropriate avenues.


As a result of the strategy session Infinet Network Solutions were positioned as The IT Specialist's for SME's. Through having this core focus the businesses clientele has grown following with their revenue.

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