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Let's Scooter

Business name: Let's Scooter
Business type: Sydney's No.1 shop for new scooter riders

Business location: Brookvale
Web: www.letsscooter.com.au

Phone: (02) 9938 3628

Strategic Objective

Let’s Scooter wanted to start a business that combined both sales and education under the same establishment. By providing such benefits in a one-stop-shop Let’s Scooter needed to create awareness in their market aware. Ultimately, the objective was to position the new business within the marketplace and raise awareness.

What did we do?

Through consultation with Little Marketing, Let’s Scooter was advised to promote their new venture by communicating their message in as many avenues as possible. Little Marketing helped with creating the businesses branding, positioning their services within the market place and web development.


As a result of Little Marketing’s efforts, Let’s Scooter was fully prepared to open their doors to the public therefore, having a successful opening.

Our work with Let’s Scooter has taken a local approach to their marketing. This approach has allowed us to be very targeted in our communication. All communication is consistent and targeted, making it a success.

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