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MAS Accountants

Business name: m.a.s accountants
Business type: Accountant for small business
Business location: Zetland
Website: www.masaccountants.com.au
Phone: (02) 9211 5000

Client testimonial

Little Marketing has given m.a.s accountants the focus that we required to better promote our business. Marketing is not about advertising, it is about communication, and every aspect of communication that we now have with clients and prospective clients is stamped with direction and focus. Thanks Michael & Little Marketing.
John Corias - Senior Partner, M.A.S accountants 

Strategic Objective

To differentiate m.a.s accountants in the cluttered accounting market so as to generate sales beyond word of mouth. m.a.s also wanted to communicate their accounting services in a different way to attract a further demographic.

What did we do?

As m.a.s accountants had no point of difference to their accounting competitors, Little Marketing recommended that m.a.s clearly define their business, provide a uniqueness as well as an easy way to communicate their brand so as to enter the consumer's mind first.

Little Marketing ran a full day marketing strategy session to create a brand positioning. The purpose of this was to clearly define their business, provide a uniqueness, as well as an easy way to communicate their brand to enter the consumer's mind first. During the session, a number of topics were raised including competition, core services, business culture and income streams so as to achieve m.a.s' profitable objective. Given the new positioning, a positioning statement was also created.


As part of Little Marketing's competitor analysis in the accounting marketplace, we looked at other accounting practices and their positioning. It was uncovered as a business focus that there was minimal competition in the "accounting for small business" category. In the accounting world, there were many firms in other fields such as the "personal tax" category and the "blue-chip tax accountant" category.

As an outcome of the strategy session, m.a.s created a new look and feel directed towards their focus. All of m.a.s’ collateral marketing tools, including their website, have been created to be small business oriented.

As a result of the changes in positioning, target audience and the provided services, sales as well as other performance measures have increased significantly.

Statistical Results


Following the introduction of Little Marketing, sales have grown by 22.3% year on year over the past 10 years. 

Sales Ratio

After applying Little Marketing’s strategic advice and execution, nearly all potential clients have been a complete match. This has also resulted in a decrease of non-small business related clients, hence providing m.a.s more time to focus on the quality of their services and cater to a greater amount of relevant clients.

Before the marketing restructure at m.a.s, 1 out of 10 interested in m.a.s accountants turned into profitable customers. 12 months after the restructure of clear and distinct positioning more than 6 out of 10 potential clients pay for m.a.s’ services.

New Enquiries

As well as an increase in suitable clientele, the number of enquiries from new clients through e-mail and phone have improved from an average of 2 enquiries per week to an average of 8 enquiries per week. In conjunction with the increase in the relevance of clients and the sales conversion rate, this has created a truly efficient and profitable outcome for m.a.s accountants. With a combination of efficiency, profitability and brand awareness after the marketing restructure, m.a.s. accountants have achieve a well established balance.  

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