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NSW Valuation Services

Business name: N.S.W Valuation Services
Business type: Residential Property Valuers
Business location: Miranda
Web: www.nswvaluationservices.com.au
Phone: (02) 8536 7900

Client Testimonial

"I could have never imagined how powerful the meaning of your brand is. Michael and his team have allowed us to be positioned as the experts in what we do and we now work with Little Marketing on an ongoing basis to make sure we're true to our brand, day in, day out."
James Bouteris - Director, N.S.W Valuation Services

Strategic Objective

N.S.W Valuation Services were looking for a new way to communicate their business and stand out in a competitive property market. They wanted to reach a bigger audience and have a clear message to communicate to them in an overall simplistic manner.

What did we do?

Little Marketing held a strategy session where information was gathered that best described exactly what N.S.W Valuation Services did and what they want to communicate to their target market. With extensive consulting Little Marketing were able to advise and help in finding avenues for their core message and services to be communicated through various mediums and materials.


Together, Little Marketing and N.S.W Valuation Services were able to help collate the services provided and create a uniqueness about the business that helped communicate that clearer and in a simple way. By doing so N.S.W Valuation Services were able to have a lead over their competitors.

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