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Parramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Business name: Parramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant
Business type: Chinese Restauranat
Business location: Parramatta
Website: www.parramattaphoenix.com.au
Phone: (02) 9891 3338

Strategic Objective

Parramatta Phoenix wanted to help make their Parramatta restaurant as successful as the other's in the Phoenix Group. Ultimately, they want to have a high level of patrons visit the restaurant on a regular basis and in turn increase revenue.

What did we do?

Through consultation with Little Marketing, Parramatta Phoenix were advised to promote their new venture by communicating their message in as many avenues as possible.

By using various mediums and strategies Little Marketing were able to help Parramatta Phoenix be engraved into their demographics mind.


As a result of Little Marketing's efforts Parramatta Phoenix is a successful new addition to the Phoenix Restaurant Group. There is high level traffic to the restaurant due to the ongoing communication with their audience. The strategic communication involves various marketing tools being distributed through all Parramatta Phoenix materials.

Our work with Parramatta Phoenix has taken a local approach to their marketing. This appoach has allowed us to be very targeted in our communication. Since the the launch of the restaurant, we have provided an effective approach to get people to their website. After working with Parramatta Phoenix, the results have been outstanding, generating a 1500%+ increase of traffic to their website. This targeted approach continues 5 months on, with significant web traffic and relevant sales leads.

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