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Sydney Building Certifiers

Business name: Sydney Building Certifiers
Business type: Residential building certifiers
Business location: West Ryde
Web: www.sydneybuildingcertifiers.com.au
Phone: (02) 9808 4260


Client Testimonial

“Moving from being a part-time consultant into a full-time business, I required the services of a marketing consultant to send me in the right communication direction. As a referral Little Marketing were engaged to assist in creating a basis of communication for our brand and ultimately our services.”

Craig Flello - Director

Strategic Objective

Sydney Building Certifiers main objective was to be able to communicate our services and our brand in a way that makes Sydney Building Certifiers be seen as a specialist in its industry so as to increase new prospects, referrals and sales.

What did we do?

Via a marketing strategy session with Sydney Building Certifiers, Little Marketing wanted to create a uniqueness and specialty, which ultimately would allow the brand to be communicated easier. Topics such as the property industry, competition, core services and the owners profile were discussed in order to achieve a brand focus.

A positioning and positioning statement were created so that Sydney Building Certifiers could create a consistent message to communicate to potential clients and external stakeholders about their specialty.


Prior to the strategy session, SBC was named Bowden Building Services. Following the session, the team at Bowden reviewed their position in the market and chose to re-brand to its current name of Sydney Building Certifiers. Additionally, new collateral, including a website, has been created to reflect the focus in residential certification. Following this session, this new focus and name change has assisted with ease the number of referrals via word-of-mouth, the website and general clients.

In the first year of working with SBS, their focused brand positioning has assisted them to be more targeted in their communication, creating a 20% increase in sales revenue.


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