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Business name: TCW Tables, Chairs & Workstations
Business type: Contemporary office furniture for Australia’s workplace
Business location: Alexandria
Website: www.t-c-w.com.au
Phone: (02) 8070 9314

Strategic Objective

TCW had a clear objective and that was to bring in more clients through their business and create a positioning within their competitive marketplace that will set them a part.

What did we do?

Through a half day strategy session Little Marketing discovered their point of difference and chose to position that through various mediums that reaches optimum levels of audience best suited for TCW. Through ongoing consultation with Little Marketing TCW now communicates their message in a way that is consistant enough to be remebered by the target market.


Through the strategy session Little Marketing was able to position TCW as the Contemporary office furniture for Australia’s workplace and instill that in the memories of their audience. This position has also made it easy for them to communicate what they supply and their services.

Since our work with TCW, the ability to target the communication on their website to their relevant audience has had a significant impact on the website traffic. The new positioning of their brand has allowed the Search Engine Optimisation more targeted and hence much more effective. Over our 5 months of working TCW, their web traffic has increased almost 450%, generating sales outcome leads for TCW.


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