Small business marketing company Brisbane explain why your small business needs a mobile presence


Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consulancy in Brisbane know the importance of having a mobile presence.

Here we outline some of the reasons why your business needs to keep up with mobile marketing trends:

The giant shift towards mobile up to last year prompted Google to announce it would begin changing its ranking criteria by awarding sites with a stronger mobile presence higher rankings. 

Ignoring the rules that Google sets for search criteria will end up costing your business more in the long run. Mobile is not a passing phaseIf you wait to see if this is a passing phase (Believe me it’s not) then you will find that by the time you do take action the share of the market you once held will have reduced and you will end up having to spend more to have any chance of regaining it.

Studies indicate that 90% of media time is spent using apps instead of browser technology. Apps offer mobile website capability, but they also offer many additional innovative possibilities. Simply put, an app is certain to engage users, offering a much more user-friendly experience.

For your business to thrive, it simply must have a mobile existence and there is no use just waiting to see how the trend unfolds. Adjust to the change and get mobile friendly today.

If you need assistance with your mobile marketing strategy contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Brisbane today.


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