Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain why your small business simply can’t afford to ignore the benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 433 million users and with 40% of them checking the platform every day, it’s a social media platform that your small business simply can’t afford to ignore.

If your LinkedIn business presence is currently a personal page, especially one with a basic resume that’s hopelessly out of date, it’s time to up your LinkedIn marketing game. You need a company presence on the network to gain access to the full range of benefits LinkedIn can offer to all business departments, from recruiting to sales.

As our marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane explain, some of the main benefits of operating a LinkedIn account include:

Finding Top Talent: LinkedIn is the first place top talent looks for work, at all rungs of the career ladder. You can publish a job posting and use LinkedIn search to reach out directly to potential candidates.

Growing your network and your potential supplier and customer base: Using LinkedIn for business is all about the network you build and the connections you make, providing you with great opportunity to build potential supplier and customer base. Think, for example, about vendors, the people you work with, and the people you meet at events.

Providing valuable content: The best way to grow your audience and keep your followers is to offer value by posting content rich articles or company updates on a regular basis. Be consistent in your posts, posting updates such as company news, thought leadership, or industry expertise. Try actively engaging with them on a regular basis by asking them what they want to see.

If you need assistance with your social media marketing strategies, contact Little Marketing, the experts in small business marketing, Brisbane.